Laser Hair Removal

with Splendor X™, The fastest laser hair removal that's safe for all skin types

"It was fast, painless, and totally worth it"

-Susan E.

About Splendor X™ Laser Hair Removal

There has been a lack of innovation in the laser hair removal arena for the last decade, and Timarron Aesthetic Center is proud to be one of the first to introduce the new and revolutionary Splendor X™.

What is Splendor X™ Laser Hair Removal?

Splendor X™ is the world’s first hybrid laser hair removal using two laser wavelengths simultaneously to affect both the hair and the blood supply. Splendor X uses the world’s first square applicator, instead of round (which leaves gaps or overlaps and causes pain and slower treatments). The best wavelengths for treating fair and light skin tones is an Alexandrite Wavelength (755 nm) and the best wavelength for treating tan and darker skin tones is an Nd:YAG Wavelength (1064 nm). While most lasers utilize one or the other, Splendor X™ does a one-two punch, combining both wavelengths in the best blend specific for your skin type.

What makes Splendor X™ Different for Hair Removal?

There are many things that make Splendor X way ahead of every other platform:

  • The World’s First Hybrid Laser Hair Removal:  Using Dual Wavelengths blended and firing simultaneously, Splendor X™ has both the Alexandrite 755nm (lighter skin tones) and the Nd:YAG 1064 wavelengths (darker skin tones), being safe on all ethnicities. The benefit of blending a mix of both wavelengths for most situations is you can attack deeper hair follicles as well as the vasculature feeding these follicles, essentially killing the hair and the blood supply to the hair, resulting in more effective treatments, in less sessions.
  • The World’s First Square Footprint: The pulse from the laser is uniquely square. This overcomes the uneven treatments which are inherent in the typical circularly outputs. With the circular footprints there will be potential for skipped areas and/or over-treated areas from overlapping pulses. The Splendor X™ has a glow-in-the-dark marking system to guide the operator to place pulses abutting each other with minimal overlap.
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World’s first Double Cooling System:

The Splendor X™ uses both integrated Zimmer Air Chilling as well as a chilled tip to doubly ensure a safe treatment. By chilling the skin surface, the laser will preferentially heat into the deeper dermis where the hair follicles are and is less likely to be attracted to skin pigment.

Highest Power:

There is up to 75% more power (7 Kw vs 4 Kw) than most lasers with Splendor X™. Higher power equates to more efficient treatments, more results, less sessions needed. If you have had Laser Hair Removal in the past and have had less than desirable results, try Splendor X™!

Splendor X™ Frequently Asked Questions

No. Splendor X™ is the most comfortable laser hair removal in the world. If you feel anything it would be a minor warmth sensation.

To permanently remove hair, the hair germinal cells must be killed. This is done by using a laser whose wavelength matches the pigment of the hair. The heat absorbed by the pigment travels to the germinal cells and permanently injures them. In the growth phase of a hair cycle, or telogen phase, (one of 3 phases of the life of a hair), the hair is attached to the germ cells so the heat is effectively transferred to them. In the other 2 phases of the hair cycle, the heat will not lead to killing the germ cell. This is why several treatments are needed, so as to eventually hit most of the hairs in the growth phase.

Splendor X™ and all laser hair removal are permanent reduction in the hair, and can’t promise 100% permanent hair removal that never returns. About 85-95% can be permanently reduced with Splendor X™ which is higher than most other lasers, and touch ups may be needed 1-2x a year, as age, hormones, and other factors affect hair in time.

Yes, it can treat all skin types including tanned skin.

It can not treat grey hair, nor can any laser hair removal system. It can treat blonde hair with limited efficacy. Splendor X™ can also treat the fine vellous hairs near the end of the treatment cycles.

For all skin types there is a minimum of 4-6 treatments. With all other devices for hair removal, darker ethnicities would be 6-12 treatments.

Whereas other devices may take 60-90 mins, Splendor X generally takes 30-40 minutes.

One should expect about 85-95% permanent hair reduction after 6 treatments, and the need for touch ups, 1-2 times per year.

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