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At Timarron Aesthetic Center, we like to treat Facial and Body Rejuvenation from several different angles offering customized treatment plans. The root causes of aesthetic concerns are multifactorial, including exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking, acne, movement of muscles of the face, heredity, poor diet, and normal aging. In order to create real change, we at Timarron Aesthetic Center will create a customized treatment plan for you that includes the utilization of multiple modalities, thereby attacking the “problem” from multiple angles. This strategy leads to more satisfying, natural and sustainable results! Youthful healthy glowing skin and contoured body are not accomplished by a single “one and done” treatment, but rather by an intentional treatment plan followed by an ongoing maintenance and prevention plan to ensure ongoing benefit from your investment in yourself!

We know that the hands of time cannot be stopped, but the clock can be “set back”; and the hands can be slowed. This rejuvenation requires dedication to the treatment protocol as well as to an overall healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, adequate hydration, daily exercise, a quality skincare regimen, diligent sunscreen use, and avoidance of toxins to our skin including cigarette smoke and excessive alcohol will greatly enhance the results you want.

Timarron Aesthetic Center is different because we are a small, family-owned and physician-managed medical aesthetic center that is dedicated to helping you look and feel beautiful and rejuvenated from the inside out!

Some of the tools that we have available for rejuvenation are listed below.

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